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Mother...Kathleen Marie Anderson
Nov 01, 2017
My Beloved Son, You're new birthday into your spiritual body is approaching on 11/04/2017. It has been nearly one year, and I miss you so very much. I know you are at peace, happy and in the Beloved Arms of your Heavenly Father, YHVH.I wrote you a letter expressing how deeply I love you. You are my blessed treasure!!!! On December 30, 1970 my Heavenly Father, YHVH, gave me the first of my most precious blessings, my beloved son. He blessed me with four beautiful souls, and I was so thankful for each of you (Robert Eric ** Camille Rayette** Brett George ** Kassandra Theresa.) To think, my Heavenly Father entrusted me with each of you, my precious little ones. My gift to each of you is... to believe that no matter what darts Satan throws at us in this mortal life, with the faith, prayer and love in our Heavenly Father, we will overcome. The natural order is that a Mother be the first one to leave this earth, not her child. My Heavenly Father decided that your baby brother, Brett, should be taken back to live with Him in Heaven. It was so difficult giving him back, but I had to accept it. I gave him to your Grandmother in Heaven because she had no grandchildren with her. That is how I was able to cope with your baby brother’s death. Now, I must cope with the death of my last precious son, you. My precious little one, I’m giving you to my Mother, as well. She now has my two precious sons with her to bring her the joy and love she so richly deserves. It’s so hard without you, yet I know this is my Heavenly Father’s plan. He knows that my faith, trust and love in Him will sustain me, hard though it may be. My Heavenly Father knows that I have instilled His love, trust and faith into each of you, my precious children. There is nothing that He could ask of me that I wouldn’t gladly give Him. My Heavenly Father gave us forgiveness of sins through the death of His son. How could I not give Him my son, when He gave us the most precious gift of all?! My precious son, when I was hurting so badly a few years before your death, you wrote me a note in a beautiful card you sent me. In the card you wrote: ‘God blessed me the day He decided that you would be my Mother. Kasi, Camille and I have grown up to become good, honest and loving people BECAUSE of you!! There have been many wonderful mothers before you, but God peaked when He made you My Mom! I love you Mom. I’m only a phone call away. Smile! Eric.’ I cried so hard when I read this note from you after your death. I must accept your death; the death of your mortal body. Yet, I celebrate your life; your immortal life with your Heavenly Father forever. Please tell your Great Grandfather, Grandmother and baby brother all the stories I told you about them when we sat on the swing on the front porch together remembering them. Let them know that they are not forgotten and dearly loved. Their stories will live on forever as long as their stories are told. Memories of our times together will live on forever and ever, my precious little one. You will not be forgotten; I promise you. You will be remembered in our hearts forever and ever through stories that will be passed down from generation to generation. Rest well in YHVH, your Heavenly Father’s arms. Wrap yourself in His comfort, happiness, peace and love that you so richly deserve. I know you are happy, peaceful, safe and secure in the arms of your Heavenly Father. Save me a seat beside you on that front porch swing, sweetheart. When it’s my turn, we’ll swing and talk together forever, just as we did on earth. Till we meet again, my precious little one. All my love forever and ever, Your Devoted and Loving MotherRead more
Birthday — May 08, 2016
Amber Theiss
Dec 29, 2016
I've been thinking about you a lot lately, and it's not getting any easier. Happy birthday, Eric. You were the father I needed and loved. I'm grateful for you and your tremendous love. It still doesn't feel real. It feels like I should still be able to walk in that door and here you call out "hello sweetheart, how's my baby girl". Thanks for letting be your middle child, you'll always be my father.
Brandi Thompson
Nov 17, 2016
Even though you and I had parted ways, I'm still heartbroken over this news. You will always have a special piece of my heart. R.I.P. Until we meet again.
Alice Reeves
Nov 11, 2016
You was a wonderful man. And friend so glade we met. You have some great kids. Rip my friend. The Reeves Family
amanda wilson
Nov 10, 2016
you were always there for me no matter what . i will truely miss you rest in peace
Brandy ford
Nov 10, 2016
It was great to know as friend rip until we meet again
Halie Long
Nov 10, 2016
I love you dad! I miss you all the time & wish this wasn't the end! I can't wait to see you again someday!
John Ford
Nov 10, 2016
It was an honor to know you and love you as a Brother and to be apart of you Family . You will greatly be missed
Penny & Alex Garcia lll
Nov 10, 2016
I cant believe it...I loved you for your friendship & generosity...Alex (Shorty) loved you for being another Dallas Cowboys fan...keep flying with your new wings my friend.

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